An educated What-if

I ran across this article and it struck a cord. What if teaching were a lucrative career choice that would benefit both teacher and student alike? I could write of a few other systems that are antiquated (Post doctoral Research) but I will refrain and not detract from the well written words of Senator Bennet.

I love to hear when our politicians think outside the box and ask what if. The successful ones are able to start a movement and act on their what if. I am willing to support this what if and will be writing Senator Bennet to let him know. If you agree with him, you should let him know too. What-ifs have to start somewhere.

Sen. Michael Bennet
    U.S. Senator from Colorado

“Our ability to compete for the jobs of tomorrow depends, above all, on our capacity to educate children today. Yet we are still operating under yesterday’s system to attract and retain new, talented teachers. It is outdated and designed to fail.”


3 thoughts on “An educated What-if

  1. I am preschool teacher, and I find this blog very intriguing. What if the public and private school system made “what ifing” part of their curriculum. Our country’s education system is losing ground every year because of funding. The first classes to be cut most often are the ones for creative thinking and expression. Creative thinking and the freedom to express is how we have acheived our greatness as a world leader. It seems to me that as we pulled away from the creative attributes in our education systems, we started loosing our standing as world innovators and became more concerned with being a “world power”. What I would like is some help intergrating “what If” in a preschool curriculum. I bet you could come up with some really cool ideas for 4-5 year olds. Thanks for trying and thanks for inspiring.

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