What if speed were guilt free?

I just realized while looking over my past posts that you might think my blog is only about cool charities. And while I do feel that people who start charities are noble whatifers I have to admit that many of our great whatifers were not charity workers. I mean where would we be without Henry Ford or without Wilbur and Orville Write. Although with any change, you have to take the good with the bad and our love affair with transportation has not come without a downside. Which leads me into pointing out the next whatifer of the week…the Tesla group.

I was just in SanJose for some training and they took us out to dinner in Santana Row. We had to walk around until our reservation time. I really don’t like window shopping and I care even less for malls. But I did find my salvation in the Tesla storefront.

tesla roadster rearview

Thanks to Tesla Motors for providing us with this beautiful car (I mean photo.)

Now that was something I could really spend sometime looking at. Beautiful yet simple style. I just wish they could have let me take it for a spin.

One of the reasons I want to highlight Tesla is because I have always loved fast cars and motorcycles. I remember as a kid watching Chris Carr (The Harley racer) kick but on the dirt flat track at Ascot speedway in Gardena California. Sadly that speedway is no more. But my memories of burning rubber and driving something that got five miles to the gallon still burn strong even now as I drive my fuel efficient family mobile. I had lost hope that I could be environmentally responsible and still feed my need for speed, then came along some of the smartest green geeks ever. They knew that the biggest obstacle to electric cars was the fact that most people who thought of electric cars pictured a golf cart. Never mind that the torque produced by Tesla’s electric motor can satiate  even the most avid drag racer. So I have to give it to Elon Musk and the rest of the group for asking what if. You can learn more about Tesla and why they think that electric cars are our future…   @ Von Martin Eberhard’s blog. He is the Co-founder of Tesla Motors.

light green Mazda 5

Thanks to Mazda for our family mobile... zoom, zoom.

As I learned more about Tesla I came to find that their chief designer Franz von Holzhausen also designed my fuel efficient Mazda5. Zoom Zoom Franz. Although I have to admit I would probably agree to trade it in for a Tesla Roadster. The hard part would be fitting the wife and kids in it though. Hey Tesla, what if you designed a family wagon next. I would be happy to test drive it for you.


3 thoughts on “What if speed were guilt free?

  1. I get the love of speed and transportation. I really get it. What I don’t understand is the need to propel an anvil into the air using explosives, while people gather around to watch (and hopefully not get hit with said anvil). Yes, I did say ANVIL.The Science Channel has a new show on it”s line-up called “Flyinganvils”. I see you have a pig with wings on the blog page, I guess that was not an option for these guys to “What If” so they took the next logical step and what ifed an Anvil could fly. So,now we have a new reality show to watch.
    go figure!

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