What if you could be a part of a cure?

Some of the most inspirational people are patients or their families who are advocating for change in the form of more research, education or accessibility to treatment. Look at all the good, people have done. People like Lance Armstrong, Glenn Close and her sister, and Michel J Fox are some pretty successful whatifers. We need to support these great efforts. It’s easy to do.

You don’t have to even be a grown up much less a celebrity…

Look at Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation.They have done the legwork, have raised boatloads of money for cancer research and make it possible for others to help raise money too.

An advocacy group I stay in contact with and can’t help but be impressed by is C H A D D. The organization’s history began in

1987 by a small group of parents of children with AD/HD and two treating psychologists in Plantation, Florida (near Miami). These parents came together because they felt frustrated and isolated, and there were few places to turn for support and information about AD/HD.

It is now widened it’s focus to children and adults and has 20,000 members including families, adults, and professionals (in the health and services community)

While reading this post my wife commented that she wished she had been a courageous whatifer while she watched her grandmother suffer through Parkinson’s disease. She watched her grandmother struggle with losing her physical abilities, requiring others to serve her, where before she had always been the one giving service. My wife wished she had thought to create an event like the Pancakes for Parkinson’s event at the University of Virginia. (I am linking to the facebook page but they also have a website that can be reached through the info section on their FB wall.)

Half of whatifing is the ability to see the world you live in, see something that could do with changing and imagine what it would be like if it were different. Then the rest is believing it can change and doing something about it. Lastly and maybe most important is the ability to convince others that change is needed and they can help affect this great change. If the cause resonates with enough people (or if the person is very convincing) then change happens and you might be surprised how it takes on a life of its own.


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