What if clean water was a given.

My wife just showed me this video. I had heard of this a while back. There was a story about a girl who had asked that her friends and family donate to this cause instead of giving her presents for her 9th birthday. She planned on doing it again for her 10th but died in an accident. Her selflessness inspired countless others to give to this great cause. This cause has attracted many great whatifers. Good causes usually do.

Charity Water Drilling Truck CHARITY: WATER September 2011 CAMPAIGN

Click on the pic to see the video.

Child drinking fresh water from well drilled by Charity: Water

After watching the video I was reminded that sometimes we need to take our blinders off. Our world consists of where and who we interact with directly. For example, I study cancer because as an undergrad I worked in a cancer center and was inspired to develop less invasive therapies. Part of my choice to study cancer was because it was one of the leading causes of death in the US. While writing my thesis I had to look up lots of random statistics, in order to pad this monumental document that now sits in the school library gathering dust. One of these statistics surprised me. Did you know most humans aren’t as worried about cancer as we are here in the US? Here in the US cancer is number two just under cardiovascular disease. Worldwide however cancer is rather low compared to many preventable diseases and maladies. Outside of my world people are more worried about clean drinking water or a proper meal. I spend many a night in a lab trying to change the world when I could save more lives, right now, by giving to a cause like this. I do not want to belittle cancer research but there is a big world out there and what if we all could be so lucky as to only worry that we might live long enough to get cancer instead of dying from dysentery or starvation. They don’t pay us researchers a whole lot so I can only give a little, but what if we all did so little? Might it be a lot? I applaud all the whatifers who are changing the world for those who need clean drinking water.


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