What if I got a free lunch? (for dinner)

It’s one of those late nights in the lab. Dinner was stale subway sandwiches leftover from a diabetes seminar. How I love free food. The freeness makes it taste better. I am recalling a scripture that went something like…

“Therefore take no thought, saying, what shall we eat? or, what shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed? (For after all these things do the people with real jobs seek) But seek ye first the Kindom of Science and it’s righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Well OK maybe it  didn’t go quite like that but hey I got free food, I scrounged enough change for a Dr. Pepper at the vending machine and the lab coats here are kind of clean so all’s well.  I just hope my wife saves me some chocolate pudding when I get home. What does this have to do with whatifing? Not sure, but if I had to tie it in I would say it is always better to have a positive attitude when whatifing for best results. What if this experiment works and I don’t have to spend more nights doing this all over? Well there you have it.


What if clean water was a given.

My wife just showed me this video. I had heard of this a while back. There was a story about a girl who had asked that her friends and family donate to this cause instead of giving her presents for her 9th birthday. She planned on doing it again for her 10th but died in an accident. Her selflessness inspired countless others to give to this great cause. This cause has attracted many great whatifers. Good causes usually do.

Charity Water Drilling Truck CHARITY: WATER September 2011 CAMPAIGN

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Dr. Donald Coffey: ballsy as a bonobo

During my graduate studies I had the great fortune to meet Dr. Donald Coffey. He was invited to speak to us up coming biologists and inspire us. As sat there before the meeting started I was talking to someone from my lab about something laby, the person in front of me turns around and joins the conversation as if it were the most interesting thing he had ever heard. Come to find out he was our keynote speaker, director of research in the department of Urology at Johns Hopkins and here he was almost giddy while he spoke with a couple of kids about science.

I was really impressed with his talk. To tell you the truth I can’t remember any of the scientific data he presented. I do remember though that he started by asking a room full of biologists if they had ever wondered why it was cold at high altitudes? I had never thought about it and apparently neither had anybody else, at least they weren’t willing to come forward. He pointed out that at high altitudes you are

“closer to the sun, with less atmosphere blocking it’s rays, yet it is colder.”

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My whatifing wonder years

Before I start my search for the great whatifers of the world I would like to look to my past and contemplate the people who have changed the world I live in. I figure now, while no one is reading my blog, I can get away with a trip down memory lane. Don’t worry, my next few blogs will be about people changing their world, here and now. I don’t promise to blog about anyone you might know. In fact I think that would be boring and a waste of your time. Often the people who stand out in the media as great people are often just more visible than people who are making just as big an impact. In fact often times the people who have personally touched your life have changed your world much more than the latest celebrity do good-er. But I digress…

I don’t remember much about Kindergarten through 5th grade but I do remember Mrs. Allison my 6th grade teacher.

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What If I could change the world?

What if, is a pretty powerful phrase or is it technically a question?  Whatever it is, it is very special. Did you know that what if is quite unique to humans? It sets us apart. It is one of the few things unique to our species.

How many animals do you know that sit around saying what if… to each other? “Hey neighbor what if I ate you.” Said the wolf to the rabbit “What if you ate the fat chipmunk down the path” said the rabbit to the wolf. “What if we moved to the next state over, where there are less wolves?” Said the rabbit’s wife to the rabbit.

No, animals are a little more direct than that. They react to the world they live in. Humans, on the other hand (with opposable thumb), define the world they live in.

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